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Algunos de los testimonios de nuestros clientes

Prospective Patient of Dr. Rubinstein:

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Adrian Rubinstein as an ophthalmic surgeon. Dr. Rubinstein successfully performed cataract surgery on one of my eyes in October 2010. I was a rather anxious patient, having not traveled extensively outside the United States, and nervous about medical care in another country. With any research, you will learn Dr. Rubinstein has Cambridge training. He speaks and writes English fluently. He promptly responded to all of my e-mail questions prior to arriving in Costa Rica, including such basic inquiries as transportation to the hospital and his Clinic. In fact, he was the only surgeon who openly responded to questions commonly asked in the United States, but perhaps less common in Costa Rica. He was very accommodating around my schedule.

Dr. Rubinstein’s bedside manner is very calming. He was clearly knowledgeable, and thoroughly explained the entire process until all my questions were answered. I have a low pain threshold, and he assured the anesthesia was adequate to counter any pain. My cataract was very large, making the surgery trickier and riskier than a typical case. Nevertheless, he performed the surgery efficiently, painlessly, and flawlessly. I was able to walk back to my hotel shortly after the surgery. He also asked about my condition after I returned to the United States and continues to respond to all the questions I have.

My other eye will require the same surgery at some point, and the original surgery requires some minor follow up. I have no reservations about continuing to have Dr. Rubinstein treat me. In fact, I have complete confidence in his abilities and look forward his care in the future. You are in good hands with Dr. Rubinstein. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me. Good luck with your procedure!

Sincerely, Lynn

I recently underwent cataract surgery (January 2011) on both eyes.It was performed with meticulous care by Dr. Adrian Rubinstein of CIMA Hospital, San Jose Costa Rica. The results have been nothing less than miraculous . After considerable research and a lengthy consultation with Dr, Rubinstein I opted for the ReSTOR aspheric lenses for implantation. I am now able to read without glasses and have excellent 20/20 vision in the mid and long distance range.

My discernment of the full color spectrum is a far cry from the hazy brown universe I was accustomed to only a few months prior to surgery. Every phase of treatment went exactly as the doctor predicted during our consultation. At no time during treatment was I uncomfortable or in pain. Dr. Rubinstein’s surgical solution for my optical deficiency was in my personal opinion superb .His warm and personal concern regarding my overall well being was deeply appreciated. I would whole heartedly recommend him as a surgeon for anyone in need of a similar procedure.

Michael, Canada

I had cataracts and chose the traditional lens which still requires reading glasses. I cannot attest to the multi focal lenses that Adrian reviewed with me. I think you would find Adrian very competent, excellent communications in English and I was very comfortable with him before, during and after the surgery. I would highly recommend him from a patient's perspective.


I would trust my life with Dr. Rubinstein! He was meticulous in his dialogue with me from pre-surgery to post-surgery follow up without ‘talking down’ to me. You COULD NOT be in better hands with any other eye surgeon anywhere in the world!


San José, Costa Rica, Hospital CIMA, Torre 3, Oficina 221