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Why us?
Why Costa Rica?
Why Costa Rica


If you are looking for excellent Eye Care at affordable prices, then Costa Rica is the place to come.
Many of the doctors working in Costa Rica have trained in the best hospitals across the world and returned to Costa Rica to practice, making it an excellent choice for all healthcare.
With its fantastic climate and friendly people, you can combine your eye treatment with a relaxing holiday.
The lower cost of living in Costa Rica means that we can offer treatments at much lower prices than in many countries such as North America and Europe. In many cases you can have all your treatments, a fantastic holiday and still go home having spent less than you would at home for the same treatments.

Costa Rica is also an excellent place to consider having cosmetic surgery or dental work (please see our links for information on other medical specialities).

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San Josť, Costa Rica, CIMA Hospital, Tower 3, Office 221