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Retinal Detachment

A retinal detachment is a condition where the retina detaches itself from the underlying layer. Usually, the retina is torn (see Flashes and Floaters) that allows for a gradual accumulation of fluid under the retina. The patient will commonly recognize this as a shadow or a curtain in front of their eye, that does not disappear and gradually gets worse, eventually affecting their central vision. If this problem is not corrected, the process will almost inevitably lead to blindness in the eye with the detachment.

Treatment will depend on the type of detachment, the age of the patient and the length of time that the retina has been detached. There are 2 types of operations: an internal approach consisting of a “vitrectomy”, or an external approach, which involves placing a sponge on the outside of the eye to cover the hole in the retina. The eye surgeon will discuss with you, the type of surgery which best suits your problem.

Horseshoe tear with accumulation of subretinal fluid          Typical Horseshoe tear of the retina


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