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          Cataract Surgery   

We offer state of the art cataract surgery using the latest techniques to optimize your vision.

Cataract Surgery        Cataract Surgery - Learn More

          Diabetic Eye Service

Did you know that diabetes can cause serious problems with your vision if undetected? Book for a full examination today.
Diabetic Eye Service      Diabetic Eye Service - Learn More

       Macular Degeneration

If you are over the age of 55, and having trouble with your vision you could have macular degeneration. Come and visit us for a check up.
    Other Procedures         Macula Degeneration - Learn More

         Retinal Surgery

Do you need retinal surgery? We offer surgery for retinal detachment, macular holes and diabetic retinopathy amongst other things.

 Retinal Surgery          Retinal Surgery - Learn More

         Visual Health

Everybody needs regular eye checks. Whether it’s just to update your glasses, try contact lenses or you are having a particular problem with your vision, we offer a comprehensive eye service to suit your needs.

                           Visual Health - Learn More
          Other Procedures

We offer a full range of eye services for all your family’s needs from routine eye examinations to more specialist treatments.

    Ohter Procedures       Other Procedures

    Nothing is more precious than your eyesight, which is why here at the Vision Institute we aim to provide you with the best possible care and treatment to ensure the health of your eyes. Our doctors are able to offer you and your family the most up-to-date examinations and treatments available. We follow the guidelines for good practice set by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists - London, to give you the best available eye care.
    Our doctors are fully trained in the latest techniques, including micro-incision cataract surgery with premium intraocular lenses, laser and surgery for diabetic eye disease, treatments for age related macular degeneration (including intravitreal injections Lucentis / Avastin), retinal surgery and refractive surgery amongst others. Please follow our links to see the full range of services that we offer. Additionally we provide an emergency service to give you peace of mind should you have any problem with your eyes out of normal working hours. It is our aim to provide you with excellent eye care that you can depend on.

    What can you find in Eyesurgery.cr?:
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